AdvancedHosters specializes on providing CDN services to its customers. You can find out all details about this service on the website.

What is CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) is a large system of independent servers, deployed all over the world.

Why is CDN needed?

CDN is necessary to provide the end user with your content, received from the server closest to the visitor for faster performance.

Website speed

Your visitors can load the pages of your website in a shorter timeframe. The faster your customers get the content – the more loyal they are to you!

Permanent online access

The content of your web resource is always available online. The servers are distributed throughout the world so your visitors can load the web pages of your site even if your server ever goes offline.

Enhanced and faster performance

Your visitors do not load the content from your server. They do it from the servers of our CDN, so your server sees fewer requests. Consequently, it provides enhanced and faster performance.